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This website is the result of being part of an esoteric school that teaches one how to awaken from the state of sleep we spend our lives in. After moving to Japan, where I subsequently lived for twelve years, I became fascinated by all the Buddhist statuary in the museums and temples there. Wanting to know more about it, I read many books over a period of about five years. Though there was a lot of information in them, there was no satisfactory explanation about the meaning of all the unusual imagery in Japanese Buddhist statuary. Actually, nobody really understands the inner meaning.

Many of the existing forms of religious and spiritual traditions on Earth
have lost connection with their original meaning and vitality.
-- Gurdjieff (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)

Several years later, the teacher of the school I am part of, started to discover that all Esoteric traditions use the same symbolism in the art, literature and rituals that they left behind, to show the same message. Many students in this school started to research the scriptures of all these traditions, resulting in a large database of quotes that was used for this website. As time passed and understanding of this symbolism developed, the inner meaning of all the things encountered in Japan started to unfold. Finally understanding what I had been searching for, created tremendous emotional energy, and a desire to share it with people who have an interest in it, which resulted in this website. During the creation of it, many times there was a feeling of being led to a certain understanding, and also of being enlightened with ideas and connections.

An angel whispering to Saint Mathew, Rembrandt, 1661

I want particularly to impress on your minds that the most important ideas and principles of the system do not belong to me. This is chiefly what makes them valuable, because if they belonged to me they would be like all other theories invented by ordinary minds—they would give only a subjective view of things.
-- Ouspensky (20th c. Fourth Way spiritual teacher)

Although the symbols explained in this website are interesting, there is no meaning in knowing about them, if one doesn`t try to internalize them, if one doesn`t try to reach the state of presence that they are pointing to. If one has some understanding of the symbols shown in this website, it is the result of having had some experience of the state of presence in one`s past. However, there is the danger of thinking that having this understanding is enough, and that there is no need to make effort to reach this state again. But what could be the meaning in having some understanding of these symbols if one keeps living one`s life in the state of sleep?

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